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Estate Administration, Litigation and Will Contests

In an ideal world, all wills would be clearly written, interpreted, and honored; all trusts would be seamlessly implemented as written; and, both beneficiaries’ rights and decedents’ wishes would be understood. Unfortunately, controversies do arise regarding wills and trusts. The attorneys at Proden & O'Brien are prepared to resolve these issues.

Review of trusts and wills. What if the law changes after a will was signed or a trust established? You can prevent potential misunderstandings by having your trusts and wills reviewed periodically by our attorneys, who have a current understanding of probate law.

Evaluation of trustee impartiality. If you wish to question the impartiality of a trustee and/or one or more of the trustee’s decisions relating to investments or distributions, talk to our attorneys. The attorneys at Proden & O'Brien are prepared to pursue a resolution to such conflicts efficiently and decisively.

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