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Landlord / Tenant Issues

A landlord is one who owns property and lets another person occupy his property in return for payment of rent. Rental property may be land, a single residence, a duplex, a trailer, a condo or an apartment.

While both the landlord and tenant have rights, each also has obligations. The landlord may be responsible for premises maintenance and in many cases, for meeting local housing codes, and the tenant must abide by the terms of the lease. When terms of a rental agreement or lease are violated, the landlord may issue an eviction notice, or pursue other remedies.

rental agreemment2The landlord-tenant relationship is often subject to disputes. Problems can arise for a wide variety of reasons. Often tenants fail to carefully read the lease they sign. Issues about security deposits are common. Or, one might lease a house, only to have the owner default on the mortgage.

Since our firm’s inception, landlord/tenant law has been an integral part of the legal services our attorneys provide. Proden & O'Brien has provided legal services for real estate owners and managers, from small landlords with two and three family homes to large corporate landlords. We also represent a wide variety of tenants, from individuals to business owners.

Some of the legal problems we help our clients resolve include


  • Lease preparation
  • Evictions
  • Failure to Maintain Premises Issues
  • Security Deposits Disputes
  • Rent Increases
  • Breach of Rental Agreement
  • Tenant Rights
  • Landlord Rights
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